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Close Invoice Finance are part of Close Brothers and provide invoice finance solutions to over 1,000 clients. They are a national player with full UK coverage. They also offer invoice finance facilities in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

They are one of the larger independent invoice finance companies with offices in Newbury, Hove, Manchester, Birmingham, Dublin and Belfast.

In terms of feedback there is the odd horror story on other forums and blogs but in fairness there are about a lot of the invoice finance providers. I think that within independent invoice finance companies with multiple offices it would be fair to say each office can operate very differently.

My recent experience of Close Invoice Finance is all positive and I find them creative when finding solutions. Clients who have dealt with them recently have found them good to their word which is always reassuring.

Close Invoice Finance also have a good product offering and in particular I like their fully automated IDeal product. This uses the latest technology to lift the sales ledger information directly from the clients accounts package. It means a real time service is provided and administration is reduced.

2 Responses to “Close Invoice Finance”

  1. ….Was it just a year ago that Close Invoice Finance opened their Birmingham operational centre in a blaze of publicity. No doubt there will be far less publicity now that they have decided to close it with the inevitable redundancies..In an effort to slash costs we hear that the Manchester operation centre is also being closed with the decision being taken in the same month as the announcement that Ian Steward had been appointed Managing Director of Close Invoice Finance in the North. .Were not quite sure what he is Managing Director of now…..

  2. I have experienced nothing but hardship during the very short time I have had to deal with CLOSE INVOICE FINANCE!!!! I have never encountered a financial institution that has been so difficult to work with. As a Financial Manager it became an extremely concerning part of my daily routine.

    They are prohibitive, non commercial and furthermore just down right arrogant in there customer care.

    They lack of understanding and knowledge of simple day to day trading circumstances is nothing short of astounding. I for one would never ever recommend these to anyone. Horrendous is my experience!!!!

    I just cannot understand how a company of this so called stature can even offer the services they do.

    I would really like going forward to try and establish a forum for the many others that have experienced what I have.

    If you support this please respond now by voicing your disapproval!!!

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