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Venture Finance – are they the right factoring company for you?

Venture Finance are one of the larger independent providers of invoice finance and they claim to have 11 offices nationwide. I think it would be fair to say that the three main offices are Haywards Heath in the South, Birmingham in the Midlands and Manchester in the North. They certainly have a national presence.

Over the last 36 months it would be fair to say that Venture Finance have had a fairly turbulent time as part of the ABN Amro Group. There was an integration on the cards between Venture Finance and Fortis which sapped a lot of resource at a senior level within the business and I sense their underwriting suffered. This integration did not take place but the parent was nationalised by the Dutch Government and there were rumours that they had been sold to Fortis anyway and asset of ABN were divested. In understand that Venture is still owned by ABN Amro but they remain the target of many a takeover rumour and it is understood that Deutsche Bank were sniffing around at some stage.

As with all invoice finance companies the feedback is often mixed and this that feel ill treated tend to do so much louder than those who are quietly content. Venture often sold themselves on the service levels that they prided themselves on. In terms of common complaints that I have received from clients they include lack of responsiveness to requests to changes in a facility, poor communication in terms of not returning calls and changing the goalposts or the way a facility is structured. I think it would be fair to say that they are fairly responsive to their own perception of risk and act accordingly which unfortunately is not always to the benefit of the client. There are some in the market that accuse them of putting spin and PR before substance. However, they have many a happy client who will have been with them for years but not felt the need to shout that from the hilltops so it is important to put everything in perspective.

That said they have an excellent product offering and must be doing something right. I feel that they have been in limbo to some extent in terms of new business for obvious reasons during the banking crisis and during a period of confusion regarding their ownership. They have a client base that allows them to operate profitably with the need for taking risks on racy new deals so who can blame them.

It will be interesting to see what happens to Venture Finance as the economy hopefully recovers. It will be interesting to see both their approach to the market in terms of new business and also what happens in terms of their ownership.

If you are looking for the best invoice discounting rates it is well worth speaking to Smart Factoring Quotes. We monitor the market for the cheapest invoice discounting rates available at any one time.

At present we have several invoice discounting companies who are actively competing on price and claiming they will not be beaten on price. It is however imperative that any business owner looks beyond the headline rates and considers total costs when comparing facilities from an invoice discounting company. It is also important to remember that the lenders offering the best rates can be among the most risk averse and as such your facility may be structured in a more cautious way.

At Smart Factoring Quotes our approach is to explain the benefits and potential downside of any facility and along side this show the total annual costs involved. This will allow any business owner to consider which facility represents the best value. To me that is the most important factor – compare the benefits the facility offers against the costs and then establish which facility represents the best value to your business.

If you want a helping hand give us a shout!!

Invoice Factoring Companies in the UK total roughly 40 providers. They range from small husband and wife operations to the large invoice factoring providers such as the invoice finance arms of the High Street Banks.

Invoice Factoring Companies vary in size, geographic location, criteria, capabilities, pricing and service levels. The challenge to any business owner is finding the most suitable invoice factoring company to meet their needs. The most suitable invoice factoring companies will depend on the sector, size and requirements of each individual business.

If you feel that you want advice about invoice factoring companies please contact us by visiting the Smart Factoring Quotes website. We offer free, impartial and independent advice and simply advise you what options are open to you and your business. Our aim is for you to understand the pros and cons of each of the invoice factoring companies offers and the total costs involved in each.

Which is the Best Factoring Company? This is a question we are often asked. The answer as you can probably well imagine is somewhat vague and depends very much on the characteristics of your business and your factoring requirements. If you are looking for the best factoring company for your business then speak to Smart Factoring Quotes.

The best factoring company in some peoples minds will be the cheapest and in other circumstances the best factoring company will be the one with the best service levels. There are a lot of factoring companies out there claiming to be the best and nearly all claim to be voted ‘Factoring Company of the Year’ by someone. Unfortunately these awards are ten to the dozen and I tend to ignore them.

There are some companies in the market place who are notorious for various bad habits such as poor communication, simply not doing what they say they are going to do, changing the goal posts, applying additional unexpected fees, making it hard to leave and generally providing poor service levels. My recommendation is to avoid these companies at all costs.

However, some companies genuinely strive to meet the needs of their clients, they do what they promise and look to find solutions for their clients.

If you are looking for the best factoring company for your business it is worth contacting Smart Factoring Quotes to discuss your requirement.

If you are looking for Factoring Companies in Yorkshire you have a fair few to choose from. It is however imperative that you choose the right one for your business and it’s own individual circumstances and requirements. If you are unsure as to which factoring company to use in Yorkshire it is worth contacting Smart factoring Quotes in the first instance. Smart factoring Quotes can help you to understand which factoring company can best meet your needs in Yorkshire.

Please keep in mind that while a few factoring companies are actually based in Yorkshire there is a full spectrum of factoring companies that can service a business based in Yorkshire. There are the 4 major banking groups along with new players such as Santander. From there you have independents such as Skipton Business Finance who are firmly based in Yorkshire and then other independents with Yorkshire offices such as Bibby Financial Services, SME Invoice Finance and Aldermore Invoice Finance.

However, factoring companies from across the UK can service Yorkshire based businesses and as such it is important to choose a factoring company based on it’s capabilities and criteria rather than it’s geographic location.

Factoring company reviews – speak to Smart Factoring Quotes to learn more about the different companies.

Factoring company reviews seem hard to come by. I have done some internet research ans was surprised to find that there was no real forum where feedback was shared.

The danger of course is that unhappy clients shout much louder than happy ones and as such the reviews can be very negative and not particularly objective. I also do not really see it as my place to ‘dish the dirt’ or ‘name and shame’ people or companies.

In my experience there is bad feedback about most invoice finance companies but I also understand that there are two sides to very story. Just because an invoice finance company says ‘no’ to a client doesn’t make them a bad provider yet some clients would disagree.

There are in fairness some common complaints that crop up about certain invoice factoring companies. Some are notorious for unsavoury practices relating to failing businesses while others are constantly criticised for lack of communication and failing to return calls. I will not name them but if anyone is looking for a new invoice finance company I would be happy to have a chat.

Equally if readers wish to share their experiences in a constructive manner then please feel free to post.

Factor 21 are a small family owned independent invoice factoring company based in Oxfordshire. They are small and hands on in their approach and Graham Ethelston keeps things simple and focusses on good quality service for their factoring product.

I have several clients that use Factor 21 and they only have good things to say about them. They communicate well with clients and are flexible and open in terms of their approach.

My only criticism of Factor 21 would be that they are not always as responsive as what I might hope in terms of their sales process. They are however a small operation and I suspect they are to some extent victims of their own popularity when it comes to response times.

Factor 21 are not for everyone but for some businesses they are the ideal finance partner.

If you are looking for a factoring company and are considering Factor 21 it is worth contacting Smart Factoring Quotes in the fist instance to see which invoice finance company is best placed to meet your needs.

Would you like to review or provide feedback on your experience of Close Brothers Invoice Finance? Reviews are at the bottom of this page and links to some interesting articles and blogs below.

It is probably fair to say that if you are looking for a provider of invoice finance there are better options out there in terms of pricing, structure of facilities and customer service levels.

Close Brothers Invoice Finance are part of Close Brothers Group Plc and provide invoice finance solutions to over 1,000 clients. They are a national player with full UK coverage. They also offer invoice finance facilities in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

They are one of the larger independent invoice finance companies with offices in Brighton, Manchester, Dublin and Belfast.

In our opinion, more common complaints about Close Brothers Invoice Finance include their lack of flexibility, charges such as minimum base rates, their arrogant approach and some people have described them as ‘unapproachable’.

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Close Brothers also feature in an article on complaints about wealth management companies where it states, “Close Brothers also features on the list with 169 complaints, but its complaints are related mostly to banking and credit with none related to investments.” Interesting. For the article – click here

If you would like to share your experiences of Close Brothers Invoice Finance please feel free to do so but please try to be objective and refrain from abusive remarks.