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High Street Collections is a new collections company with a new approach based in the North East of England but with a national presence.

So why is the approach new?

Well their approach is professional and not heavy handed. It also involves visits to non payers along with the usual letters and telephone calls. While this may not be new, the approach is solutions focussed and this is new. High Street Collections focus on meeting with a debtor to establish if it is a case of ‘can’t pay’ or ‘won’t pay’. From there they look to establish the validity of any disputes and then find a solution as to how the debt can be paid. The key is stressing to the debtor that the debt is not going away and as such it is better to find a palatable solution.

Their success rate in collections is 87% and this incorporates collections from debtors that range from private individuals to major corporates.

High Street Collections act or aim to act for SME’s, finance companies, factoring companies, insolvency practitioners and banks.

It is important to remember that the benefits to clients include:

  • No upfront legal fees.
  • Improved cashflow from the recovery of debt.
  • Improved profitability by reduction of bad debt.

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