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Factor 21 are a small family owned independent invoice factoring company based in Oxfordshire. They are small and hands on in their approach and Graham Ethelston keeps things simple and focusses on good quality service for their factoring product.

I have several clients that use Factor 21 and they only have good things to say about them. They communicate well with clients and are flexible and open in terms of their approach.

My only criticism of Factor 21 would be that they are not always as responsive as what I might hope in terms of their sales process. They are however a small operation and I suspect they are to some extent victims of their own popularity when it comes to response times.

Factor 21 are not for everyone but for some businesses they are the ideal finance partner.

If you are looking for a factoring company and are considering Factor 21 it is worth contacting Smart Factoring Quotes in the fist instance to see which invoice finance company is best placed to meet your needs.

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