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Factoring Brokers vary from one man bands to sophisticated sales organisations and everything in between.

If you have received a telesales call or direct mail the likelihood is that you are hearing from one of the larger factoring brokers. As with any large organisation the quality of the advice you receive will depend on the individual you deal with and in some instances can be poor.

If you are dealing with a one man band you are obviously totally reliant on that individual and there own personal expertise.

Some brokers simply pepper the market with your requirement and hope that a lender manages to convert your deal in return for commission. This is lazy and could easily be achieved by any business owner and a yellow pages.

There are a lot of excellent brokers in the market and I am not about to criticise any of them.

At Smart Factoring Quotes we are very proud of our approach and track record. We do not sell anything. Our aim is to understand a clients business and it’s requirements. From there we explain how invoice can help them and we explain the costs along with any potential benefits and downfalls of the facilities available. Our knowledge of the market and each lenders capabilities and criteria allow us to get straight to the most suitable lenders. In short we set out the invoice finance options in detail and allow the business owner to make an informed decision.

We want our clients to make any decision with peace of mind that they understand what they are entering into.

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