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Invoice Factoring Companies within the UK range between the arms of the high street banks such as HSBC through to small family owned outfits such as Factor 21.  Most of them offer the same basic services which are factoring and invoice discounting and some offer specialised services such as confidential factoring and trade cycle finance. However, it is important to remember that the same product from different lenders can be a very different proposition. It can differ on many levels such as price, actual prepayment level, the way you operate the facility and notify the invoices, the way the service is delivered by the lender, etc..

There are roughly 45 invoice finance companies in the UK so there is a good choice.  Typically depending on the unique needs off your business there will be a lender that is best suited to your needs. The problem is in identifying that lender. Unfortunately the factoring companies are sales focused and as such all will try to convince you that their offer is best for your business.

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