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Invoice Factoring – Maximise Prepayment

We have discussed several times on this blog that headline rates from invoice factoring companies can be misleading. If we put pricing to one side we can look at how you can maximise the amount of cash that your facility will generate.

Debtor Limits – some lender will assess each individual limit while others will only check debtors over 10% of the ledger. It is important you can get funding against your debtors. If you can’t the prepayment level is a red herring.

Minimise Dilution – the higher the number of credit notes you issue the lower the prepayment a lender will offer you. It is therefore important to concentrate on the quality of administration, pick & packing, etc.. to ensure credit notes are kept to a minimum.

Additional Security – lenders may look to increase your prepayment level if you can offer additional security. This could take the form of a personal guarantee, a charge on some unencumbered machinery or a charge against a property. It is really a show of confidence from you as a business owner and offers the lender additional comfort.

Change in Facility – if you have an invoice discounting facility you may get a better prepayment level if you move to a disclosed facility such as invoice factoring. It gives the lender more comfort and as such they may be willing to increase their exposure by increasing prepayment levels.

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