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Pulse Cashflow and an independent provider of cashflow solutions. If you are looking for a provider such as Pulse Cashflow it is worth speaking to Smart Factoring Quotes to establish who is the most suitable and most cost effective lender for your business.

Pulse offers three main products.

  1. Turnaround Pulse – aimed at struggling businesses who perhaps cannot get a facility elsewhere.
  2. One Pulse – this provides finance against single invoices
  3. Small Pulse – aimed at businesses with a turnover less that £250,000

Pulse Cashflow claims that if you have a good sales ledger then they can provide your business with funding. Typically the businesses Pulse Cashflow target will have been turned down for finance elsewhere and as such will have financial problems or a poor credit history.

Pulse Cashflow’s charges reflect the risk related to the deals they are doing and I think that is fair enough. If they can provide finance that allows a business to turnaround then they are providing a valuable service. If they are lending in areas others won’t they also deserve their premium.

However, business owners need to be honest with themselves. They need to understand the charges and make sure that their business is viable with the facility in place. It is also important to understand the obligations of the business and any potential liability of the directors or business owners.

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