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I have recently taken on a case for a client who is leaving a back office service provider and wanted to highlight some risks associated with employing such a company.

My client is a recruitment business who use a back office service provider to raise invoices, do the payroll, credit control, etc.. This service is similar to factoring but is typically provided to temporary recruitment agencies as an opportunity to outsource almost everyting so the business van focus on sales and placements.

These services receive varied feedback in terms of service levels but unfortunately in this instance the implications are for more serious. The lender concerned has failed to pay over circa £500,000 of monies that was due to HMRC and do not appear to be in any position to do so soon. It would appear that our client remains ultimately responsible for bringing the situation up to date with HMRC.

I understand there was a similar situation with a payroll finance company called Wageroller who went under leaving their clients owing large sums to HMRC.

There are obviously some very reputable providers and Lloyds TSB are possibly the largest with their Cash Friday facility. The fact remains that not all other providers seem to be as reputable or as financially robust so be careful.

I have not mentioned the providers name as I have not spoken to them to hear if there is another side to the story. It does however raise concerns and is certainly worth a post.