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Invoice Factoring Forum is a blog which focuses on the matters of invoice finance in the UK*.

Our aim is to provide useful information for businesses who are considering using invoice finance such as invoice factoring and discounting. The information on this website is written by professionals in the field of business & finance and have over 20 years combined experience in the invoice finance market.

We cover finance topics such as:

  • Invoice Finance
  • Invoice Factoring
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Banking
  • Cash Flow Finance
  • Credit Protection / Insurance
  • Interest Rates
  • Invoice Finance Brokers
  • Pitfalls of Invoice Finance


If you would like to get in touch or have any feedback regarding our website, please get in touch via our contact form or call us directly on 0845 643 9485.

*We also try and cover invoice finance matters in Northern Ireland when we can

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