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If you are looking to finance a recruitment business you are in luck as there are several options open to you especially if you are providing contractors or temps that complete time sheets. That said, if you are a permanent recruitment company there are also several options that are available to you.

If you are a recruitment company thatis paying wages weekly against signed time sheets there is a good chance your clients are only paying you monthly at best. Recruitment businesses or notoriously cash negative for this very reason and if you have a fast growing recruitment business this problem is only compounded.

So what finance solutions are available to you?

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We are often approached for finance by someone starting a new start recruitment business.

New start recruitment companies can range from an individual setting up on their own through to large organisations with ambitious recruitment plans and everything in between. Whatever the size of the business cash flow is key to ensure that contractors wages can be paid on a weekly basis. This is why finance is important.

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Cashflow Finance is currently under construction as a resource to help businesses who are looking for cash flow finance solutions.

The site will be aimed at businesses who are seeking advice about their cash flow finance options.

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Recruitment finance can be used by temporary recruitment companies to finance the growth of their business. It also allows the outsourcing of various back office functions. This form of recruitment finance allows recruitment companies to expand with the confidence that they can pay wages and the confidence that their administration will be done efficiently and professionally.

Recruitment finance will pay up to 100% of the invoice value the day after invoices are raised. This means that weekly wage demands can easily be met without having to worry if your clients are going to pay on time.

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Recruitment Finance is a new site that has been launched by the Cash Flow Solutions group.

While it is still under development it will provide an in depth guide on what facilities are available for recruitment companies.

Recruitment companies typically access recruitment finance to allow them to pay wages of their temps. This can take the form of a simple invoice discounting facility, a factoring facility with the added benefit of a credit control service or a full back office solution that provides a full back office service.

Invoice finance companies place huge importance on a businesses audit trail.  The audit trail ensures that the debts are secure and provable.

If you are looking for an invoice finance facility it is important to look at your business and how robust the audit trail is.

Each business will have it’s own quirks and characteristics. As such you will have to focus on finding ways to implement a suitable audit trail.

By way of examples let’s have a look at some traditional robust audit trails that invoice factoring companies expect to see in place.


  • Purchase order
  • Proof of delivery (signed by recipient)
  • Invoice

Temporary Recruitment

  • Agreed rates
  • Purchase order
  • Signed timesheet
  • Invoice

Design Agency

  • Brief supplied by customer
  • Quote
  • Acceptance
  • Work is submitted
  • Signed satisfaction note (this eliminates queries down the line)
  • Invoice raised

The better your invoice audit trail the better. Importantly you need some kind of 3rd party sign off by way of a signed proof of delivery, signed timesheet, signed satisfaction note.

This may seem like additional administration but it is key to sourcing a facility and it is a good step for your own internal procedures.

I have recently taken on a case for a client who is leaving a back office service provider and wanted to highlight some risks associated with employing such a company.

My client is a recruitment business who use a back office service provider to raise invoices, do the payroll, credit control, etc.. This service is similar to factoring but is typically provided to temporary recruitment agencies as an opportunity to outsource almost everyting so the business van focus on sales and placements.

These services receive varied feedback in terms of service levels but unfortunately in this instance the implications are for more serious. The lender concerned has failed to pay over circa £500,000 of monies that was due to HMRC and do not appear to be in any position to do so soon. It would appear that our client remains ultimately responsible for bringing the situation up to date with HMRC.

I understand there was a similar situation with a payroll finance company called Wageroller who went under leaving their clients owing large sums to HMRC.

There are obviously some very reputable providers and Lloyds TSB are possibly the largest with their Cash Friday facility. The fact remains that not all other providers seem to be as reputable or as financially robust so be careful.

I have not mentioned the providers name as I have not spoken to them to hear if there is another side to the story. It does however raise concerns and is certainly worth a post.