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I have recently been posting on an FSB Forum on a thread about factoring and invoice discounting.

From a personal perspective it was disappointed to read the stories and the criticisms that have been levelled against the invoice finance industry. That said they are valid opinions from business owners that feel that their business suffered and in some instances failed because of the actions of factoring companies.

I am an invoice finance broker and I benefit directly from my clients taking up invoice finance facilities with the lenders I introduce them to. My posts obviously have to be read with this in mind. That said I do believe that I have tried to be balanced and fair in my assessment of the industry and the issues businesses need to be aware of.

The negative feedback genuinely saddens me and I can honestly say that to date none of the things described have happened to my clients in terms of forced closure. However, I have seen some eye watering fees applied in a business failure situation where they can only be described as excessive.

In context though there are roughly 42,000 users of invoice finance in the UK and the vast majority are happy clients. That will however be little consolation to the businesses that feel mistreated.

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