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Construction Factoring is challenging for invoice factoring companies for a number of reasons.

Any invoice factoring company wants to know that the value of any invoice that they have funded against is secure. In the event of business failure they want to be able to approach the clients customer and request that the invoices they have taken good title to are paid in order to recover their position.

With this in mind if you consider how the construction industry operates you will see how this can cause issues for invoice finance companies.

In the first instance most contractors within the construction industry raise ‘applications for payment’ rather than invoices. As such invoice factoring companies cannot take good title to the applications in the traditional manner.

The work done is usually measured weekly, monthly or against specific milestones and as such applications or invoices are raised for a part completed project. Should the contractor fail to complete the project then liquidated damages can come into effect which render the outstanding invoices worthless. As such any invoice factoring company would not recover their position against these invoices.

Retentions at the end of the contract can also cause issues for invoice finance companies but these effect the prepayment level rather than the ability to provide funding.

Bad news for the construction contractor looking for a flexible working capital facility? Well, it is not all bad news. Smart Factoring Quotes have lenders who can provide invoice finance facilities to construction contractors. Get in touch today.

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