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Over the last two years we have seen a fair amount of inertia from both clients and lenders alike.

Invoice finance clients have tended to stay where they are and ride out the storm of the recession. Most of the clients we have seen move have been clients where the relationship has broken down to an extent that they have had to move lenders.

Invoice finance companies have also seemed to be fairly static in that they have not actively been seeking new business and have been wary about any client looking to transfer from another lender.

I am sensing this has now changed. The major banks are actively seeking invoice finance clients again and are taking on sensible risks again at good rates. A large well backed independent invoice factoring company approached us last week advising they would not be beaten on price. It is great to see an independent competing with award winning service levels and on pricing.

Clients seem to have sensed that it may be a time to change as our inquiry levels have increased dramatically in the last couple of weeks. These clients are right. There is no need to put up with overpriced facilities and poor service levels. It is well worth seeing what is available in the market place.

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