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Invoice Factoring – Newcastle

Invoice Factoring is available throughout the UK but which invoice factoring companies have a true presence in Newcastle? Smart Factoring Quotes have an office in Newcastle.

Newcastle was an industrial heartland of heavy industry within the UK but today it is not dominated by large industrial employers. It thrives on the back of local entrepeneurs who have started successful SME’s.

These SME’s require funding and for businesses that sell or provide a service to other businesses invoice factoring or invoice discounting can be an ideal solution.

Newcastle is actively covered by several players. These include Bibby Financial Services, Aldermore Invoice Finance, Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance, Close Invoice Finance and Skipton Business Finance. There are also another dozen or so lenders who are very happy to assist businesses in and around Newcastle.

Smart Factoring Quotes also have an office in Newcastle and a real desire to help local SME’s. If you are an SME in Newcastle looking for a factoring facility it is worth understanding which lender and which product is best suited to your business. Smart Factoring Quotes can help you find both the right lender and the right product – simply contact us on 0845 863 0738 or visit or website. We can assess all the local offerings and also draw on contacts across the UK to find the best solution for the requirements of your business.

Each lender has very different criteria and capabilities. They are each suited to different types of businesses and it is imperative that you select the right lender for your business. Entering into what is typically a 15 -0 18 month contract with a lender that can’t really provide what you are looking for can be very detrimental to you business. It can also be very time consuming and costly.

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