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Invoice Discounting Services

They are the invoice finance arm of Skipton Building Society and provide a full range of recourse invoice finance solutions. If you require a non recourse invoice finance facility they can source an appropriate credit insurance policy from a third party provider.

We have dealt with Skipton Invoice Finance on several occasions and they can do an excellent job with their traditional approach to invoice finance. When I say traditional I am referring to their credit policy which relies heavily on the quality of the debt and the quality of the people within the business. They accept that some businesses have financial difficulties and as such fall foul of the banks criteria for invoice discounting. Their approach is a flexible one and their product offerings can meet the needs of a client but also mitigate any risks that are associated with a deal.

It would be fair to say that Skipton Invoice Finance are not for everyone and they will be the first to admit this. However, in some situations they can offer what other lenders don’t. Their communication style is also direct which means clients know exactly where they stand.

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