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Factoring company reviews – speak to Smart Factoring Quotes to learn more about the different companies.

Factoring company reviews seem hard to come by. I have done some internet research ans was surprised to find that there was no real forum where feedback was shared.

The danger of course is that unhappy clients shout much louder than happy ones and as such the reviews can be very negative and not particularly objective. I also do not really see it as my place to ‘dish the dirt’ or ‘name and shame’ people or companies.

In my experience there is bad feedback about most invoice finance companies but I also understand that there are two sides to very story. Just because an invoice finance company says ‘no’ to a client doesn’t make them a bad provider yet some clients would disagree.

There are in fairness some common complaints that crop up about certain invoice factoring companies. Some are notorious for unsavoury practices relating to failing businesses while others are constantly criticised for lack of communication and failing to return calls. I will not name them but if anyone is looking for a new invoice finance company I would be happy to have a chat.

Equally if readers wish to share their experiences in a constructive manner then please feel free to post.

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