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Our client is a haulage company. They approached Smart Factoring Quotes to seek advice on how best to set up an invoice discounting facility. They were keen to obtain a facility that allowed ‘export invoices’ to be raised to their european clients for the backloads that they carried back to the UK.

Our client had been through challenging times because of rising fuel prices and exchange rate fluctuations. However, they had maintained turnover and had a well established business.

They had been offered factoring facilities but felt that they were best placed to collect in the debts as they knew their customers best. As such they wanted an invoice discounting facility.

If you look at the whole market of invoice finance companies not all are able to provide invoice discounting. Our client was raising export invoices which reduced the amount of lenders able to assist even further.

Through our knowledge of each lenders capabilities and criteria we were able to introduce lenders that were genuinely capable of helping and more importantly were actively seeking new clients.

As such we secured a confidential invoice discounting facility for our client at very competitive rates.

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